shy bi mermaid witchy prince garbage. dont mess

(them, they, their pronouns)

Like im not even upset about it anymore im just confused as to what behavior of mine has led her to believe i will hurt her

that WAS the plan, ehehe

i am now fighting you with many hugs. they are all tender and soft

hey pretty boy…..

y would u call me that?? now i feel confident and cute? dang u byron

boy: no no identifying with this term at all weird

pretty boy: i am 

im going to eat some chex mix

it said i am infp ok

I am not being physically abused. I dont know what would count as verbal abuse. I think emotional abuse is a suitable label, but that isnt something that really warrants running away in the eyes of authorities.

Im bad at being a problem kid

I am telling people to help me and then reminding them that if they do they could be prosecuted